The Survey Completion Page is the screen that appears at the end of the Survey once completed.  This page can be customized with Text, Logos, and Additional Input Buttons.

Setting Options Explained:

  • Completion Page Title: Message will be displayed on iPad once survey has been completed and also during Sleep Mode.
  • Completion Page Display: Number of Seconds the Completion Page will be displayed before resetting back to the Welcome Page (if enabled) or Question 1.
  • Capture Additional Feedback - Button Text that will be displayed on Completion Page.
  • Capture Email Address: Button Text that will be displayed on Completion Page. You can use this to collect any information (Name, Phone Number, ID Number, etc). Just customize the Button Text accordingly.

To edit this setting: Login to the SurveyStance Portal -> Survey Kiosk Modules -> Device & User -> iPad App Settings -> Edit